Shinjiro "Shinji" Watanabi

This mad man is the head of a strangely enraptured cult of personality. ラットの神


Shinjiro is the apparent head of the most aggressive and antagonistic street gang in the Japanese ghetto. Appearing to be possessed by a vision of grandeur for his gang and his people, he has been leading aggressive strikes into the Vietnamese slum.

The gang itself appears to pride itself on it’s combination of western and Japanese culture, idolizing both the traditional samurai with the ruthless and bloody improvised nature of biker gangs. When they march to fight, they leave their homes empty handed but arrive at their field of battle with a crudely made weapon assembled on the march. Fences are pulled down in their wake, cars siphoned of fuel and broken into and garbage bins upturned. Tire irons are wrapped in razor wire from a security fence, recycled bottles are filled with stolen fuel and stuffed with torn shirts, files hastily sharpen crowbars into jagged chisels and nails are punched through gloves.

Every time they’ve gone out, it was to harass and antagonize the Vietnamese community. Fights have always happened and of those fights, they were the winners. This time however, things escalated too quickly. His last incursion failed to terrorize and instead demoralized his men. All they could do to gain some measure of success was to kidnap the daughter of the woman responsible. But she had accomplices, how else did she get away from him that night? They all will pay…

Shinjiro "Shinji" Watanabi

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