Tag: Barnold


  • The Push

    h4. *May 5, 1983* This was supposed to be a calm evening, just like it had been for the last month. The Japanese gangs weren't being antagonistic, just tagging anything they thought should be theirs and it seemed everything they'd wanted was in their …

  • The It Pit

    In the not quite so awful part of the main strip by the ghetto, you can find a bar that stands out by virtue of it's name and the edit one of the staff members has made. *The _sh_ It Pit.* The bar that Donny owns, Barnold essentially runs and that …

  • Mick

    A hard working and hard drinking dock worker and usual at The It Pit. After the group was kidnapped Barnold arranged for Randy to provide Mick and his friends free booze in exchange for protective services. Not actually Irish.

  • Constable Johnson

    A straight and honest cop. A dying breed in this city. Had to handle a case with Barnold before and keeps in contact with him occasionally. Might be getting a case on his desk soon. He did get the case from Barnold, but unfortunately was too busy to …