Tag: Slum Struggle


  • The Push

    h4. *May 5, 1983* This was supposed to be a calm evening, just like it had been for the last month. The Japanese gangs weren't being antagonistic, just tagging anything they thought should be theirs and it seemed everything they'd wanted was in their …

  • Watanabi Wares

    The warehouse that Shinji's family was renting to hold over stock for their furniture business. Currently appears to be abandoned, but has a hidden door in the back. Was being guarded during the evenings.

  • Lady Blue

    A mysterious benefactor. Gifted the cell a Colt 1911A1 leading up to their confrontation with Shinji. Following Shinji being killed, the cell got in contact with Blue to thank Blue for the assistance offered and more importantly, why it was offered in …

  • Eleanora Whitford

    One of the contacts that was given to the group by Constable Johnson to help them out. She runs the Peoples Safety Committee, a volunteer driven effort to assist those in need. Is a very capable investigator. She provided the cell with Shinji's history as …