Shinjis Journal


This is the personal journal of Shinjiro Watanabi. It was recovered by the cell during their investigation of his house where they found a bizarre traditional shrine to his family name and six flayed skins. Lynn is making progress towards translating it.

So far the journal seems to be a daily account that has been rebound as he needed the book to grow. It starts around when he was first going to junior high school. He’s already started to see how there are lines drawn because of his culture. He get’s picked on when he isn’t with his friends, so on so forth. He eventually falls in with some of the rougher kids, finding out that he has a nack for being much rougher than any of them are willing to go. By the end of eighth grade, he’s maintaining an acceptable grade average despite 6 suspensions and is running the ring of bullies in the school.


Shinjis Journal

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